Dear Entrepreneur,

Please, don’t be a pancake. Don’t let your set of skills keep you low and flat. This happens when you know a little about a lot of different industries, and not so much about one. Knowing a little about a lot of things might be great for managing teams, but you will consistently find yourself being mediocre and not excelling in any area at all. It will make you not known for anything.

Decide to focus on one thing and put the majority of your time and effort into developing that skill and becoming the best in it. Read books and articles, and sometimes, write articles about what you’ve learned and network with experts. This will grant you many opportunities that you wouldn’t have been allotted in a ‘pancake’ state.

When it comes to business, don’t try to be good at everything. Don’t try to do everything. Rather, develop your skill, product or service to be the best in an area that it’s needed and sought after. Then, you can build out from there.

With love,