Dear Entrepreneur,

Innovation can be simple. After a decade of being an entrepreneur, I have come to understand that to be successful, you don’t necessarily have to create or develop something that has never been done before. While creating something new and useful can guarantee success, sometimes innovation can be quite simple.

PayPal offers an online payment system that supports online money transfers. Unfortunately, they’re not open to many parts of the world, including Ghana and Nigeria, where I’m from. Paystack saw this gap and offered the same service to Nigerian businesses to collect payments with a modern, secure payment gateway.

And Voila!

Paystack is now successful!

Successful ideas can be basic and without any super innovative technology. They can simply fulfill a basic need for an underserved population. Success can come from simple ideas with a twist.

Do you have an idea that’s similar to an established idea, but with a brilliant twist to it? Don’t be scared that you don’t have much to offer. Launch it, and you may just be the next big thing!

With love,