Dear Entrepreneur,

Break down large goals into smaller goals. Trust me, you don’t want to start by focusing on the bigger picture as tempting as that can be. Make sure you create small, achievable goals that will allow you to see your progress more clearly.

Reward yourself with achieving small goals. Think about what you enjoy the most and do this each time you complete a step, task, or goal. This could be anything from treating yourself to your favorite meal or even a trip somewhere.

Having something to look forward to trains the brain into creating motivation.

Don’t put pressure on yourself. Putting short deadlines on your goals can lead to potential feelings of failure. Be relaxed with your time limits and this will increase your happiness and motivation. Track your progress. Writing down or tracking your progress will remind you of how far you’ve come along in achieving your end goal.

Sometimes we can give up because we are unaware of how close we are to success and forget how much we’ve done. Write down all the small wins. Seeing them written down can even be a reward in itself.

With love,