“Mai Kam Nahi is a non-profit organization created by me and seven others to solve mental health-related issues in Pakistan (and the world), such as depression, lack of self-worth, hopelessness, as well as the anguish laden circumstances that they perpetuate,” Ruwail Ali, a Pakistani entrepreneur, told Savvy.

Ruwail Ali is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. When describing Mai Kam Nahi, he says, “We are here to help you deal with all the negative thoughts and emotions that affect your motivation to strive for the best in life.”

Mai Kam Nahi is an all-inclusive, self-motivational campaign designed to counter the internal conflicts and turmoil that individuals experience on a daily basis. They understand that life is accompanied by an inevitable internal struggle that is made worse if one doesn’t feel motivated to tackle it. Through their activities, posts, and online presence, they aim to turn the tide in favor of every struggling soul and make them realize that their existence is worth it. Mai Kam Nahi, which means “I’m no less”, reflects its core principle. “Regardless of what you’ve been through, your dreams, aspirations and life are worth it.”

When talking about how his project solves mental health-related issues, Ruwail said, “Our project provides an avenue of expression to individuals who find it difficult to articulate their issues due to fear of judgment or general introversion. It also acts as a platform that promotes motivational content that can connect with the viewers on an emotional level thereby allowing them to solve their internal conundrums and grow.” Mai Kam Nahi is a project intended for a mass audience. Any individual, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, and cultural background, can benefit from the content of this project.

“We are hoping to acquire regular benefactors or sponsors who can provide us with funding to scale our project into a sustainable venture. In return, we are willing to offer their brands and companies, exposure on our website, thus giving them an impetus to financially back us, as doing so would be proportional to their own marketing,” Ruwail said when asked how they intend to generate revenue in order to become sustainable.

Mai Kam Nahi addresses mental health at a very minute level, by addressing the intricate, multi-faceted issues that people don’t speak of or attempt to deal with. Instead of providing direct cures, Mai Kam Nahi provides people with journeys that each of them can take by navigating through their content and learning the tricks to overcome what plagues them.

We are here to help you deal with all the negative thoughts and emotions that affect your motivation to strive for the best in life.

Ruwail Ali

When speaking about the future of Mai Kam Nahi, Ruwail said, “We intend to offer real-world programs, courses, and interventions on a regular basis that will perpetuate the message of our project. These programs will be centered around the notion of behavioral change, subliminally inducing new patterns of actions within people that are necessary for them to cope with their issues. We also intend to maintain a strong enrollment rate within these courses in order to quantitatively gauge the nature of our impact.”

Mai Kam Nahi normalizes the notion of sharing and articulating mental health problems and curbs communal taboos associated with confronting them. The project also garners social inclusivity by incorporating and inviting masses of people into its framework and allows for a communal paradigm shift to occur in terms of vocalizing internal conundrums. Mai Kam Nahi provides exposure to avenues of potential harassment, abuse, and other associated vices that can perpetuate mental health issues and trauma and is creating a drive towards the social elimination or minimization of said vices.

But is Ruwail and his team the right people to solve this problem? Ruwail seems to think so. In his words, “Our team is not a team, it is an amalgamation of individuals who have experienced and resolved pertinent and near-death traumatic experiences in their lives. Each of us has gone through heartbreak, trauma, suicidal tendencies, depression, lack of faith, and an assortment of other problems. However, each of us has one thing in common – a fastidious approach towards solving our issues and we applied this approach to come up with methodologies, expressed through our content, to aid individuals who are in circumstances similar to our own. We combine a unique approach, consisting of emotion and organization to create an avenue of hope for our audience and we are certainly good at utilizing this approach.”

Ruwail Ali is a 2020 Savvy Fellow from Pakistan. He is one of the founders of Mai Kam Nahi.