“Globally, many Individuals face a lot of problems in getting a well-paying job, which includes inadequate or irrelevant skillsets, lack of confidence, and poor preparation for job interviews. This eventually results in failure to land their desired job,” Ruhan Mishra, an Indian entrepreneur, told Savvy.

Ruhan Mishra is a student and aspiring entrepreneur. While in high school, he founded a bootstrapped startup as an experiment, which eventually turned into a full-time profession. He founded Preappear to help individuals become gainfully employed by providing them with quality mock interview sessions as a way to prepare them for real-life job interviews.

These mock interview sessions are done with industry experts and professionals, which prepares the job applicants for real-life interviews ahead. Preappear also offers the job applicants free follow-ups until they eventually land a job. One of its key value propositions is that it upskills job applicants with inadequate skillsets through its community programs.

Being a Savvy Fellow has brushed up my entrepreneurial skills.

Ruhan Mishra

Preappear targets job seekers under the age of 35. Job applicants can choose to pay for every mock interview session or simply pay a recurring subscription fee, which gives them access to multiple mock interview sessions. Also, they can pay a one-time training fee for the community upskilling programs.

When comparing his platform with other competing or substitute platforms, Ruhan said, unlike other platforms where users are forced to pay heavy subscription fees to assess mock interview sessions, Preappear allows users to pay per mock interview sessions, plus its subscription fee for multiple mock sessions is relatively very affordable.

Ruhan believes his team is the right team to solve this problem because they have impressive, diverse skill sets, and they understand the objectives and goals of Preappear very clearly. Also, he believes his strong professional network and current collaborations with high-impact organizations make them the best bet to solve this problem.

When asked why he applied to the Savvy Fellowship Program, Ruhan said, “I applied to the Savvy Fellowship Program, because it will allow me to grow as an entrepreneur and experience a lifetime opportunity of communicating and networking with like-minded individuals.”

Ruhan Mishra is a 2021 Savvy Fellow from India. He is the Founder of Preappear.